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Tart Cherries

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1. When will the cherries be ready pick?

It depends on the year and the weather but usually it is the 3rd week of July.

2. How do I pit them?

This video will show you how! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woyafyl4YoQ&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1

3. What do you have for sale at the farm market?

Please look at the “What is in Season” page

4. Why are your bees alive while others are disappearing?

We do not use the broad-spectrum pesticides that are commonly used in commercial orchards. We make sure there are blossoms for the bees to feed on within their flying range. We also establish plantings of buckwheat and clovers which produce high yields of everything the bees need. [ Ain't that just the bee's knees!]

5. Are your crops organic?

We use advanced integrated pest management practices. We also use OMRI approved methods for keeping the trees and plants healthy and fruit safe to eat. We are not USDA certified.

6. What herbicides [weed killers] do you use?


7. Without using herbicides, how do you control weeds and grasses?

We use a lot of mulch and we mow often. We also hoe around our young trees and use ground cloth which lets the moisture into the ground but is impervious to weed growth.

8. Do you fertilize?

Yes. We are happy to use OMRI approved soil amenities that improve our soil that encourage the production of quality fruits and vegetables while still building the soil. We do not use septic sludge or raw manure on our farms.

9. Farm tours?

While we enjoy getting to know our customers, we are not able to dedicate enough resources to support a farm tour operation at this time.